Are you planning on attending a festival for the first time? There is so much to learn from them, but you have to be well prepared so that you do not get overwhelmed. So much happens at the festivals and on the sidelines, and it helps if you are aware of what to expect to avoid feeling out of place.

What Happens During Festivals

  • Showcase of activities: the main thing that happens during the festival is a thematic showcase of the activities. For instance, if it is a film festival, you will see a lot of films being showcased. The same is expected during music and art festivals. If you are attending to learn, you should make a schedule on the events to attend so that you have a structured way of enjoying the festival.
  • Networking: One of the reasons why people attend festivals is to meet new people, socialise and network. It is common to have socialising booths on the sidelines. Do not be afraid of striking a conversation with other attendees. Work on how to beat social anxiety and reach out to other people. You will be surprised at how much there is to talk about with people who are as passionate as you when it comes to festivals.
  • Street foods and drinks served: In most festivals, you will find vendors selling street foods. It can be hotdogs, ice creams, tacos, or anything in between. They add an interesting twist to the festival. Dare to try them out as some are quite delicious.

It is advisable that you be very careful with your personal belonging when attending festivals, especially if it involves a huge crowd.