Are you an artist who is thinking of showcasing your work at a festival? Maybe you are an events planner who wants to bring people together through a festival. Whichever the case, you must put a lot of effort into planning the festival if you want people to attend.

How to Plan a Festival

  • Start early: From the moment you conceptualise the idea of having a festival, you should start planning immediately. This gives the intended attendees sufficient time to prepare. If you make your plans at the last minute, chances are the event will be below par, and many people will avoid it or give it low ratings or bad reviews.
  • Have a theme: It is easier to make your plans if you have a theme of what the festival will be about. With a theme, you get to identify the people to invite and those who might be interested.
  • Work with a team: Teamwork is essential in planning a festival. Gather a team of those who will help in sending invites, and doing the marketing and communication, among others. Designate the roles early enough and make sufficient follow up.

Some of the things you should have in place include the venue, financing and who the performers/participants will be.