Planning a festival requires some level of financing to secure the venue and other logistics. If you are planning a festival but you do not have a solid source of income, do not put your plans on hold just yet. You can always source for alternative financing by exploring different options.

Finding Finances for Festivals

  • Look for sponsorships and partnerships: There are many companies and organisations whose corporate social responsibility stretches to working with artists. Depending on the theme of the festival, you should reach out to them with a well written proposal that will motivate them to support the festival.
  • Sell tickets: Selling advanced tickets can also earn you money needed to plan a festival. You just need a comprehensive marketing plan that includes using social media platforms to amplify the upcoming festival. Work with some of the people who will be performing at the festival to spread word around.
  • Hold a fundraiser: You can decide to hold a fundraiser for the festival and invite community members and people who are passionate about events. As long as you have a message that will convince them to contribute, you can be sure of getting some funding. You can also give them an option of donating in kind.