There are many festivals that you can attend both locally and internationally. To choose the one that will appeal to you, you must first understand the different types of festivals that exist. Knowing about the types of festivals also prepares you for planning such an event.

Different Types of Festivals

  • Religious festivals: Some of the most popular festivals are based on religion. They include Diwali, Christmas, Holi, Eid, Passover, and Hanukkah, among others. These religious festivals always have some form of gathering and celebration and are recognised in a lot of countries.
  • Carnivals and parades: These festivals are always held on the streets. One of the popular ones is the pride parade that gets a lot of media attention annually. There is also the famous Rio Carnival and Notting Hill Carnival held in London.
  • Art festivals: As the name suggests, the art festival is held to celebrate different forms of art such as film, painting, and music, among others. There are some that are held for many days.
  • Food and agriculture festivals: These kinds of festivals focus on food and their production. In most cases, farmers and food lovers come together to showcase their produce. It is common to find farmers selling their wares at such festivals, and there are some that even hold competitions such as cooking or eating competition. They also have sessions where people are taught about food.

Every year, different types of festivals emerge. A lot of creativity is put in their organisation and they have been catering for different demographics and interests. We have the orgainisers to thank for the good work.